home.  Archiculture takes a thoughtful, yet critical look at the architectural studio. The 25-minute film offers a unique glimpse into the world of studio-based, design education through the eyes of a group of students finishing their final design projects. Interviews with leading professionalshistorians and educators help create crucial dialog around the key issues faced by this unique teaching methodology and the built environment these future architects will create.



sagrada familiaAntoni Gaudi’s church under construction 130 years reflects biomorphic design; features inspired by nature, such as branching columns intended to reflect trees.

“God’s Architect”: Antoni Gaudi’s glorious vision

March 10, 2013  60 Minutes – CBC News

Architect Antoni Gaudi’s vision for the Sagrada Familia, a church under construction for over 130 years, is aided by modern technology. Lara Logan reports.

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Frank Lloyd Wright House For Sale


 The Millard House (La Miniatura)

The Millard House (La Miniatura)