Dri-Design Panels with Imaging Technology by Dupont


How it works

Dri-Design Imaging Technology is an exclusive method of sculpting three-dimensional pixels into Dri-Design panels that reflect light and form images. Using this exclusive computer software technology, we can reproduce any image – from a graphic design or company logo, to a photo or drawing – by calculating the optimal reflective position of each and every 3D pixel, and then sculpting multiple, uniquely oriented 3D pixels of varying lengths, breadths and heights into the Dri-Design panels. This creates a 3D, almost holographic image that presents a slightly different appearance, depending on the lighting and viewing angle.


Intended for both interior and exterior applications, the panels are especially effective in settings where designers want to create or expand on a theme, send a specific message or elicit a certain feeling. Dri-Design Imaging panels have all of the durability, ease of installation and environmental friendliness that you’ve come to expect from Dri-Design, with the added visual interest of a three dimensional image.



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