Monozukuri At IFA 2012 Berlin

Results of Monozukuri, or  “the duplication of design data into a material” and the “art, science and craft of making things” are on display for the next few days at berlin’s biggest show-and-tell for electronics, the IFA.  One of the world’s smallest computers is exhibited by telefunken.  It has the same format as a USB stick and can transform all televisions and screens into intelligent terminals.  lifeproof’s nüüd case for the iPhone & ipad meets military specs and protects even under water.

lifeproof mil-spec nuud case for iPad

de’longhi introduced its reaction to a new london coffee-making trend at IFA 2012 with its “flat white” featuring a dedicated ‘milk’ button.  Meanwhile visitors can admire the world’s first flat screen televisions to incorporate OLED technology, that will make displays even thinner, brighter and more efficient – all personal goals of mine by the way.

Seiko Epson Corp is working on bracelets that can transmit the wearer’s health data to a doctor or family member and 2nd generation video glasses that can be used to watch films while engaging in other mundane activities like high-speed driving.  they will be smaller and lighter than the company’s 1st gen video glasses named moverio.


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