L.E.D.s Take The Stage

Empire State building, New York City USA

In 1932 a searchlight atop the Empire State building in New York announced  the election of Franklin Roosevelt as President.  Now dynamic lighting on the building heralds special events and holidays.  

The time has come for LEDs to take the stage.  The Empire State building’s light fixtures have been replaced by a computerized LED system that can display over 16 million colors in unlimited combinations.   Philips Color Kinetics LED technology will allow for ripple, cross-fade, particle and burst effects.  Will the changes pollute the night sky? No, says Jim Sulley of Philips in a May 9, 2012 news release. “The new Philips lighting system will also allow the building to minimize light spill, ensuring that light is focused on the façade and mast, while  providing enough light to allow the building to be seen from anywhere in New York City.  This feature not only respects the night sky” he continues, “but the building’s neighbors as well.”   Read More


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